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          3. Developer

            We're a small passionate team headquartered in beautiful Salt Lake City, UT and we're looking for some more great developers to join our team. We love making users and clients smile, and doing impossible things. 

            Are you the kind of developer who checks out the latest sites of the day and just has to know how something is done, and finds small details rewarding? 

            What we're looking for:

            • Someone passionate about polish, quality, look & feel, and interaction
            • Someone who also loves learning new technologies, languages, platforms, and approaches, and isn't stuck in one corner of the development world. We work on web and mobile projects, and often jump into projects that require new approaches, so we're pretty comfortable with a wide range of "stacks".
            • Someone that has a working knowledge of using the CLI and doesn't just rely on GUI apps to use things like git.
            • Someone used to working in larger codebases at times, using production ready setups (and not just the flimsy starter boilerplates). We usually have to be prepared to unit test our work, and set it up to log errors and handle all sorts of traffic. We try not to get bogged down in the "enterprise" stuff, but it's needed and you can't be scared of projects that integrate with a wide range of services.

            Some basic requirements:

            • Over 3 years of professional experience (ideally at an agency or somewhere that strives to do beautiful work)
            • Working experience with frameworks like React, React Native, Angular, Vue.js
            • Experience with JS ES6, Typescript (nice to have), Node.js, HTML/CSS
            • Would be great if you have experience working with databases like Mongo/PostgreSQL

            Some of the perks:

            • We offer great benefits like healthcare/dental, retirement matching, unlimited PTO
            • Stocked kitchen with all sorts of good stuff we order every couple of weeks
            • We roast our own coffee beans at the office, so yeah, there's coffee
            • Team activities like outings, regular group gaming sessions, catered meals, and the occasional high five or hug

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